About Me

Since  I was three-years old, I have been around worship music. It was where I  first learned to sing, where I first learned about worship and where I  first learned about God. My dad would play his 12-string acoustic guitar  for me while he taught me to sing my first song, “Jesus Loves Me.”  Gospel and Christian Music was always played in our home growing up,  especially on a Sunday afternoon. As I grew up, my dedication to my  faith and my relationship with Jesus Christ slipped away from me. I had  been living a very secular lifestyle of being on the road as a  professional musician and not living my life for the Lord. Fast-forward  to me being 30- years old, to the day I was in the labor delivery room  on the 27th of February 2008. That day forever changed my life! It was  the day my Parents invited me back to church. Not only were my Parents  inviting me back to the church I knew since I was 10-years old, but also  on this day, this new baby girl was going to lead me into a much deeper  relationship with God than I had ever imagined. That new baby about to  be born, was my saving grace. I have never shared my story but have been  asked on several occasions why I made some drastic changes in my life. I  will be sharing more about my story, my testimony and how my daughter  saved me in ways I never knew were possible. 

Stay  connected with me and I will be sharing posts about my faith. It may be  a scripture, a motivational post, something from my daily devotional or  what chapter in the bible I am focusing on. As I mentioned above, I  learned about worship and music when I was three-years old, so I also  will be sharing my music. Learn more about songs that have touched my  heart as I have grown in my faith. Some may be a song I have heard on  the radio, or it may be my own songwriting. I will be sharing more  information soon about my social media pages, my new website and where  you can download my music. My team and I are just getting started and  are looking forward to you all joining me on this journey!